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The Benefits of Pet Sitting and Pet Boarding

Pet boarding refers to a practice of taking your pet to be groomed, fed, and looked after while you are away from home. Some pet boarding establishments offer full-time care and therapy to dogs and cats; while other pet boarding services only provide meal, doggie daycare, or simply welcome-your-dog-back sorts of services. The rates for pet boarding depend on the services that you choose to have your pet boarded. There are many places where you can go for affordable pet boarding services, find out more here.

A great option for pet boarding services is to go with an animal shelter. These shelters will usually treat animals before, during, and after they are put up for adoption. They will have screened pets to make sure that they are not hoarders or are truly abused. An animal shelter will also offer free spay/neuter services to pets that are in need of this critical preventative health treatment.

Another great option for pet boarding services is a pet grooming center or salon. Some pet grooming centers and salons offer services for dogs and cats as well as some unaltered birds. These centers will clean up after pets and doggie daycare for dogs. They will also trim and groom their pets to keep their coats healthy. They may also offer nail grooming, ear cleaning, hair cutting, and tanning. Some pet grooming services even offer microchips and vaccinations for your pet.

If you really want to save money, you can always find great pet sitters who will take your pets on vacation to places like Disney Land or Disneyland. The best pet boarding services will usually only board one pet at a time, so if your pet has a special need such as a trip to the veterinarian, the pet sitter will be able to arrange for that service. The sitter will normally be the guest in charge, but it's a good idea to ask if there is a cost involved. The sitter will typically charge about $25 a day or less. There are also pet sitters who will do dog walks on a specified schedule, or who will call you a nanny (for your cat) if you don't have enough time to care for your pet yourself.

Some pet care centers exist that offer both pet boarding services and pet daycare. A growing trend is to have both services offered at the same establishment. You will pay a discounted fee for pet boarding services when you bring your pet to the pet daycare. Once you drop off your pet at the pet daycare, the pet care center will then take care of any shots, check-ups, or whatever needs to be done for your pet before you return home. Typically, this is a cheaper option than enrolling your pet in a high-quality pet daycare program.

Many people think that bringing their dogs to pet care facilities (such as dog boarding services) is cruel. Many animal rights activists and even some veterinarians think this way. However, there are many benefits to both dog boarding and day cares for your pet. If your dog is in need of medical treatment, such as severe allergies, cancer treatment, heart worm medication, etc., pet boarding services for dogs can help. If your dog is simply bored and anxious, you may want to consider having him or her to spend the afternoon playing with other dogs at the dog daycare.

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